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Our Club Values

Adelaide Olympic Football Club has evolved over more than 40 years,

but we remain true to our values and our purpose to make our members

better players and better people.

This is why we will continue to create lifelong members and supporters of our club,

who will pass on their love and passion for Adelaide Olympic Football Club

on to the next generation.

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Respect is the glue that holds our club together.

We admire and appreciate the hard work, dedication and passion of our members and volunteers.

We also remain humble both as individuals and as a club, and express gratitude to our players, coaches, volunteers and opponents.


At Adelaide Olympic, we believe success is a collaborative effort and cannot be achieved if left to individuals to carry the burden.

The most effective and efficient way to achieve a common goal or complete a task is as a team.

All members in our community work together to achieve the best outcome.


We believe in reward for effort. Dedication, sacrifice and perseverance can take us to unthinkable heights and achieve goals and objectives that sometimes seem distant or inaccessible.

Effort often leads to long-term reward, and we encourage all our players to give every training session and game their best effort, despite the end result.


At Adelaide Olympic we firmly believe in the honesty and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles.

All our members, coaches and community act with integrity and wear the Olympic logo proudly.


We strive for maximum performance through continuous improvement.

Our community of players and coaches are ambitious and always strive to achieve the best outcome that they can for the club. Our players, teams and members have a desire to perform at their highest level possible, both on and off the field at all times.


We believe it is the role of our club to be a positive and active member of our local community. We also recognise the importance of community within our own club and have pride in the way we interact with our fellow team mates. We also open our club and hearts to our opponents.

We also support local community groups and events.

Like what we stand for?

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